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How to Host the Perfect Movie Night

Picture this: another night indoors with your bae, friends, housemates or whoever you live with. The idea of scrolling through social media until you doze off just won't do it this week. Night out? Out of the question. If you're determined to have some indoor fun, it rarely gets better than a movie night.

It's one thing to randomly browse the internet for something to watch; it's another thing to create a cosy, cinematic experience at home. If hosting a forgettable movie night is the last thing you want to do, you have to worry about more than just the snacks. Here are five tips to help you host a movie night that could rival a trip to the cinema:

Set the Scene

There's more to a cinema than the movies on the roster. Just think about the actual theatre: a huge projector, high-definition surround sound speakers and dim lights to immerse you in the movie. You don't need a blockbuster budget to get the same effect. You can switch off your house lights, and use string LED lights or candles to set the scene. For comfort, all you need are a few plump cushions and some throws.

Stockup on Popcorn

This is one of the non-negotiables. You can be flexible with everything else, but your list has to include popcorn. If you ask anyone about the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word ‘movie’, they're probably going to say popcorn. Popcorn is pretty simple to prepare, so the only other thing to worry about is the seasoning. Have you ever noticed how movie theatres have more than just salt and pepper to season your popcorn?

You're going to need to do the same. Make sure there's a worthwhile salt alternative. Make sure there's enough Aromat seasoning to go around. Whether it's cheese, chilli beef, peri-peri or original, the all-purpose seasoning salt will give you a bit of option when it comes to taste.

Recreate Surround Sound

You can't really get into a movie until you hear it. Home entertainment tech is worth every cent if you're really into film or TV. You don't need to buy high-end speaker systems to use at home? The soundbar that you take to picnics can work just as well. If you have more than one wireless speaker, even better. Place them around the viewing room to recreate the surround effect you find at a cinema.

Choose the Right Movie/Series

This could make or break the night. Great sound, the right mood and well-seasoned popcorn won't mean much if what's on the screen isn't a vibe. There are a ton of genres to choose from, but it’s challenging to choose something that everyone can vibe with. You can't go wrong with comedy. It's even better when you can relate to the situations the joke or skit is based on. For a dose of relatable, side-splitting comedy, check out Aromat Comedy Club.

Watch Your Film Outside

If cabin fever's setting in, spending even more time on your couch might not be your idea of a great Friday. But that's what backyards are for. If the weather plays nice, set up outside. That alone could make a world of difference.

It's not that hard to host a movie night that makes you forget all about the cinema. A bit of decor, lots of comedy and the right snacks could make Friday nights worth spending indoors. Be sure to take the right health precautions in terms of physical distancing and hand hygiene, so everyone can have a good time responsibly.

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