Enthusiast guide: Best braai tips for a lekker braai

Would you consider yourself a master at braaing – knowing all too well that this title does not come easy?

As much as braaiing looks super easy to master, when it is not grilled to perfection, you get side-eyes from those who are eating it. Believe it or not there is a specific technique that is required for the perfect shisa-nyama.

If you’d like to be the most skillful amongst your friends when it comes to grilling on the coals, then follow these handy tips:

Marinate your protein overnight. When you’re cooking protein that is tougher, marinating it overnight is essential as it allows the marinade’s juices to seep into the protein. The longer you marinate it, the tastier and more tender it will be.

Season the food properly. When you’re having a delicious steak, or hearty cauliflower steak you don’t want your food to be too salty or too bland. So, if you’re using a seasoning that contains a high amount of salt, ensure you do not add too many other high salt spices to your marinade or spice blend. When seasoning your chicken with Peri-Peri Aromat Seasoning, you can rest assured that by sprinkling a generous amount of this seasoning, you will have succulent meat that bursts with flavour and you won’t have to add anything else.

Take care of your braai griddle. You can’t be a braai master if your braai griddle is always filthy. Rub lemon or raw onion on your griddle to keep it clean and prevent your food from sticking.

Lay it on a bed of onions. When your protein is ready, cook it on a bed of sautéed onions. Not only will this add flavour to your meat but it will also prevent it from drying out. You could also cover your meat with foil which will provide the same results.

Use your tongs! Do not turn protein with a fork as doing so may dry your food after you pierce it.

Have patience. To make a perfectly braaied piece of protein, timing and patience is key. Chicken takes longer than steak to braai and veggies take a little less time. Getting your timing right means that you will have meat that is not too dry, raw or burnt but rather juicy and flavourful.

Using these useful tips will mean your food is grilled to a perfection that will have your guests coming back for more.

adminEnthusiast guide: Best braai tips for a lekker braai
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