What do you really know about Aromat

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What do you really know about Aromat?

Would you consider yourself as someone who usually knows all the answers? But what do you know when it comes to your favourite seasoning?

If you have a longstanding relationship with Aromat and your home has been sprinkling it on all kinds of meals for years, would you be able to answer a few questions about the brand? Probably not. So, here are some ‘did you know’ facts we thought we’d share with you:


We’re probably older than your gogo.

You may remember adding Original Aromat to your freshly fried (or boiled) eggs since the day you learned to cook an egg. We’ve been around for longer than you may even remember. Aromat was established in 1953 which makes us 66 years old this year! We can proudly state that we’ve aged gracefully.


We speak 30 languages.

Sì! Yebo yes. Ja. Mais oui. Aromat is available in a number of countries. We’re produced in South Africa where we have 11 official languages, and Switzerland, where they have four national languages. Where it is available in the rest of Europe, 23 other official languages are officieally recognised. We’re also marketed in the Middle East where the most common language is Arabic, and Hong Kong where Chinese and English are predominantly spoken. Then there is Australia - and even though English is their official language, other languages such as Mandarin, Italian and Greek are also often spoken. 


We have many different personalities.

Our personalities come in five different flavours; namely Peri-Peri, Chilli Beef, Naturally Tasty, Cheese and Original. So, if you’re feeling for something spicy to add to your meal, then the chilli beef seasoning is definitely something to try. However, if you’re feeling cheesy, add cheesy Aromat to your white sauce or pap.

It’s clearly evident that we are as adaptable as our own rainbow nation. So, when next you want to shake up your braai, reach for the Peri-Peri Aromat for an instant meal transformation!

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