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Our fave SA comedians

There’s nothing like watching a standup comedy to ease your mind after a long day. What would we do without comedians? They tackle controversial topics; give us insight about their personal lives and they make sure we have a good laugh.

Here are some of our favourite SA comedians we will definitely be watching this weekend: 

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is not just a comedian; he is a successful author and TV host. Born and bred in Soweto, Trevor started to hone his skills as a comedian in his twenties. He soon became one of the leading standup comedians in the country. What stands out about Trevor is his ability to speak numerous languages fluently and imitate local and international accents.

It is no surprise that he is now an international success. He was the first African comedian to appear on American hit programme The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and he is now a the TV host of The Daily Show.

His latest standup comedy show, Son of Patricia is out on Netflix


Kagiso Lediga

Kagiso is a TV presenter, producer, director and standup comedian. Kagiso is best known for creating and starring in the SABC 1 comedy series Pure Monate Show in 2003.  He recently released a film called Matwetwe which he wrote, directed and produced. The film grossed over R2-million on Box Office in just eight days of its release. He is also the mastermind behind Netflix’s first original African series called Queen Sono.

If you haven’t already seen it, add Matwetwe to your bucket list of movies to watch this weekend.


Tumi Morake

Tumi is undoubtedly the most successful female comedian in the country. She rose to stardom in 2006 when she played the role of Millicent in TV sitcom Izoso Connection and in the same year she earned the title of South Africa’s First Lady of comedy and it’s not hard to see why. Tumi was born in the Free State but later relocated to Gauteng so that she could study Drama at Wits University.

Some of her biggest career highlights include co-hosting the 8th Annual South African Film and Television Awards in 2014 and hosting Mzansi Magic hit series Our Perfect Wedding.

Watch her recent standup comedy here


Goliath and Goliath

This trio consists of Nicholas, Jason and Donovan Goliath. Despite popular belief, these gentlemen are not brothers. Jason and Nicholas are cousins and Donovan just coincidently shares the same surname. They have been doing standup shows for over 6 years now and are MC’s as well. In 2016 they opened their very own comedy club in Melrose Arch and it attracts some of the biggest names in comedy. The club offers delicious food and refreshing beverages. When visiting the club expect entertainment, laughter and good company.

Have a look at their website and see which shows are coming up soon or just browse the net and find one of their hilarious comedy specials. Trust us, you won’t be able to contain your laugh.

The best thing to pair standup shows with when you’re indoors is freshly made popcorn that has been seasoned with Aromat Cheese to shake up your taste buds.


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