3 reasons to eat together with your family

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3 reasons to eat together with your family

Many of us come from families who would cook us meals when we’d get home from school and whenever we were hungry.

But now that we’re older, let’s switch it up a bit and invite the family over to enjoy OUR cooking. Just so that we can prove to them that we do not feast on instant noodles or takeaways all day…

Here are 3 reasons why it's about time you had a get-together.

You get to catch up

There’s no better way to catch up on the latest mgosi or gossip with family than in someone’s lounge. They’ll tell you that so-and-so broke-up and your former neighbour sold her house while no one was looking. You know, those stories that make you say: “yoh” three times! Family moments become priceless when you get to laugh, joke around and find out how everyone is doing. 

Share recipes

We didn’t say that you can’t have an agenda when you invite Aunt Pinky. Especially if she knows how to make the best fried chicken or has a famous crispy egg recipe that’s close to perfect. If you want the scoop on how she does it, ask her over a meal. Being around the table together can encourage everyone to share their favourite recipes. You can always tell them that you’ll try and make it at the next get-together. 


Oh yes, it’s time to make your favourite dish and aim to be crowned the King or Queen Chef in the family. Having a cook off with your family will allow you to bond in the kitchen as you work together (and rejoice when the opposing team burned their meat). Have as many people in a team as you like and divide yourselves accordingly.

Aunty Pinky can make her fried chicken while you create a different meal you know is a sure contender for the title. Just make sure to keep a bottle of Aromat seasoning with you for added ooomph. Get an unbiased family member or a neighbour to judge the meals. May the best team win.

It all comes together with Aromat, close family members and good company. Remember, there’s always a reason to share a meal with family. 

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