5 Foods that tastes better with Aromat

Instead of blending various spices to add to your meals, why not use an all-purpose seasoning that will add a rich flavour to your food?

Let’s face it, when we create our own brew using different spices, the final product can sometimes be too spicy or salty.

But not with Aromat!

Aromat products are available in four delicious flavours; Original, Chilli Beef, Peri-Peri and Cheese. This gives you more of a variety when choosing the perfect flavour for your meals.

Here are five food ideas you should try with Aromat:

  1. An egg dish is not complete without Original Aromat. Whether you choose to make Scrambled Egg Pancakes or an Easy Eggy Bread with Bacon, Original Aromat is exactly the flavour you need to add to your dish. Just don’t forget to sprinkle generously!
  2. Dash some Cheese Aromat over your popcorn to enjoy cinema-like popcorn from the comfort of your home. You’ll never add anything else to your popcorn again.
  3. Chicken or beef? We say both! Whether you choose to shake Aromat Chilli Beef seasoning directly onto your chicken or whether you add it to a homemade marinade, Aromat Chilli Beef is sure to make your chicken finger lickin’ good.
  4. Add Cheese Aromat to your delicious white sauce when making a creamy mac and cheese or cheesy broccoli. You could even add the cheesy sauce to fries.
  5. If you call yourself the King or Queen of Pap but do not add Original Aromat to your pap, then sadly you cannot own that title. Sprinkle some Aromat to the boiling water before adding the pap. When your pap is ready, add a spoonful of butter and watch it melt.

Trust Aromat to transform your meal. If you need further inspiration to create meals with Aromat seasoning, click the link here.

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