Check out how a dash of Aromat spice can add flavour to your sunny side up egg breakfast, lunch beef burger & chips or your seven colours plate. Whatever your meal of choice, with Aromat you’ll undoubtedly give your tastebuds a burst of flavour.

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Spice vs Seasoning


What´s the difference between such words? I always get confused with the right usage of them!!! since both can be added to a food, Might you exemplify to enlighten me on this issue.

Spices are made of plant matter, such as pepper (from peppercorns) or nutmeg (from the seed of the nutmeg tree.) . Seasonings include spices, but also include other things used to flavor food. Salt, for example, is a seasoning, but not a spice. in the same way, Worcestershire sauce, which is made in part from anchovies, is a seasoning, but not a spice.


Aromat was introduced in 1953 as a ‘seasoning mix’. With the introduction of the new seasoning, came new flavours of soups and sauces predominantly featuring the seasoning. Greenlandic people also use this seasoning on various traditional greenlandic foods. It’s the most popular seasoning in South Africa, which is produced both here eMzansi and Switzerland.

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Aromat has always been a part of our lives since childhood, keeping in the spirit of joy we want to keep the good times rolling. Put some spice in your life by shaking your day up with our fun interactive page.